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  as for my life....

  Couple of weeks ago I found my mind talking to my body, actually just praying to it:
"All I want to do is go kitting, all I want to do …".
  I am saying couple of weeks because I never know when and what happened, life is passing by so fast, I can barely count Thursdays, don't know why Thursdays, but every time I turn around it's Thursday again. It's like watching a movie on a high speed, you understand it should be interesting, but no time to concentrate on the subject; my mind is too slow to comprehend.

  I also want to fly, I have always wanted and hope some day I will. When I listen to the music,
I always fly in my mind over the Earth, it's mountains, canyons, icebergs and oceans.
  The best place on this planet for me is Antarctica, though I haven't seen everything yet. ;) Working on it… Today I made myself sad, I looked through my photos from Antarctica (I hated them at the begging for not showing the real beauty), they can't reflect the reality, but they reminded me of the fairy tail I've been in once.
  Kristine Hannon would understand me for sure, go to her site: www.traveltheglobe.be

  Wanted to talk about my life, my thoughts and feellings but all I really care about is that magic place. I guess my mother ship is disguised as an iceberg somewhere near Antarctic Peninsula.
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